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There is nothing like coming home after a long day and making that walk to the couch. Yet, if your carpet is warn and old that walk may be more of a sprint. With so many soft and stain resistant carpets available, there is no reason why you should be waiting to upgrade your soft-surface floor. At Warren’s Carpet One our professional sales consultants will help you find the perfect carpet that is within your price range and will match perfectly with your home décor. With a soft surface flooring collection like ours you shouldn't be nervous about getting another soft surface floor. Technology has come a long way over the years, including carpet technology. 

To learn more about the advancements in stain resistance and fading read more below:

Top Carpet Brands

Rug Trends

  • Area Rugs: Before you decide to rip apart the rest of your living, our Warren’s Carpet One teams suggests you try out one of our gorgeous area rugs. 

  • Custom Area Rugs & Binding: We carry a wide selection of floral and patterned carpets that can create the perfect piece of art for your floor.

Carpet Trends & Care

  • Carpet: Today’s carpet trends offer color and style to create the mood of a room. 

  • Carpet Care: Carpet cleaning is a necessary part of maintaining your carpet. 

  • Carpet Fading: Several factors can contribute to carpet fading. The three most significant factors are sunlight, soiling, and the color intensity and dyes of the carpeting.

  • Carpet Installation: Learn about the Healthier Living Installation.